Artistic Hand Carved Wood Signs

Hello, I am known as The Practical Madman.  What is a "Practical Madman?"  My wife (Sprite aka The Lovely Nut) coined the term on about out third date when she observed me tackling a project the way I always do,with total absorbtion and full abandon, and she declared "You are definitely a madman, but at least you are a practical madman." I proudly adopted that revelation as my new monikar. That was twelve years ago and I haven't scared her off yet. In fact she even married me!

I am a freelance carpenter located in Mandeville, LA, (relocated to NE Tennessee in early 2015) and I made several signs over the years for family and friends.  I made the two signs on the right for projects we were pursuing together, that are currently on the back burner, but the signs caught friends' attention and they encouraged me to try making wood signs as a side line to my renovations business.  I put and ad in the local Yellow Pages and my "Artistic Hand Carved Wood Signs" business was born.

I have developed several original techniques and there is nobody that builds a sign using the methods that I developed but myself. I use Western Red Cedar fence boards for all of my projects, and I can create any size board that I may need by building up multiple layers of wood to create an engineered board that is very durable, weather and insect resistant, and very stable and extremely long lasting.